In 1999, the brand "Sky-Watcher" was established to sell Taiwan's optics with head offices in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. From 2000, the first dobsonians were produced, then in 2001 the first Maksutov-Cassegrains, and in 2004 their first Apochromat ED-APO refracting telescopes. Since 2008, there has been cooperation with Schott AG, a German manufacturer of high-quality industrial glass.

Sky-Watcher's product line-up contains telescopes from 2.8“ (70 mm) up to 18“ (450 mm) aperture with manual, motor-driven or GoTo mounts. Since 2008, Sky-Watcher has manufactured dobsonians with collapsible tubes, a product line they call FlexTube-dobsonians, after that Sky-Watcher introduce dobsonian GoTo mount with the collapsible tubes telescope .